Do inkjet or laser printers use more ink?

inky-dinky-04When you are trying to buy a printer, it is actually pretty hard. There are a lot of choices, a lot of brands, and definitely a lot of options. One of the most obvious options is between wanting to buy an inkjet printer or a laser printer. When looking at both, a lot of people always ask the same question. They want to know which one of these two is cheaper to maintain. And when they say that, they are usually talking about ink. So essentially, people want to know whether inkjet or laser printers use more ink, and not only that, but they also want to know whether buying ink is more expensive for laser of inkjet printers.

In reality, this is not really much of a deciding factor. The problem with looking at ink costs is that there is one simple rule of thumb that makes it completely unnecessary. This rule is that if the ink is cheap to buy, it probably runs out more quickly. So you really cannot tell which one will last longer most of the time. Saving ink actually has more to do with what you do and how you prepare the printer than it has to do with the printer itself.

Either way, here is a comparison of inkjet and laser printers for people who are in the market for a printer that might help them decide which one would be better for them. Let’s look at the pros of getting a laser printer first. Laser printers are good because they are much faster than inkjet printers. But that does not really matter if you are just printing things at home for personal use.


Laser printers handle fonts and writing a lot better than inkjet printers. They are especially good with handling really small fonts and the writing is much clearer when printed with a laser printer. Generally, the ink cartridges of a laser printer last longer, but it is not always the case.

In any case, laser printers are preferred by people who print a lot, and you will find them more in an office setting than in a home setting.

Inkjet printers are a lot better for photos and images than laser printers are. So, if you are dealing with images and lots of colors, you are better off with an inkjet than a laser printer. Also, if you are printing on lots of different kinds of papers, inkjet printers are more responsive to these changes and can pretty much handle anything, while laser printers are pretty one-dimensional.

Inkjet ink is definitely much more expensive, but it is more expensive to set up and maintain a laser printer, so the two costs really balance out in the end.

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